What Happens When Scholars Can't Teach


In 2015, SeekersHub distributed over $350,000 in zakat funds to deserving scholars and students. Today, we support over 10 full-time scholars and students who are actively studying, teaching and spreading Prophetic Guidance. Help us raise $1,000,000 to revive the light of Prophetic guidance.


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Help raise $1,000,000 for deserving Islamic scholars and students. Our mission is to spread the light of Prophetic guidance by supporting the scholars who are carrying his message -- now and in the future. 


Political instability in the Muslim world has prevented many of the ummah's leading scholars from teaching. Instead of preserving and spreading the guidance of the Prophet ﷺ across the world, they are struggling to make ends meet. They are unable to fulfill their primary responsibility of preserving and transmitting sound, balanced understanding of the Quran and Sunna.

If our scholars can't teach because the institutions that used to support them have crumbled -- who will convey the beautiful, balanced way of the Prophet ﷺ to future generations?

It doesn't have to be this wayLet's raise $1,000,000 to urgently support deserving scholars and students of knowledge.


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Shaykh Yahya Rhodus on the urgency to spread the light of Prophetic guidance.
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"Allah doesn't take away knowledge by removing it from hearts. Rather, He lifts it through the death of scholars," warned the Prophet ﷺ.